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Terms of Use – Jacky Bitton Line LTD Online Portal System and or E-Mail Quotation


Jacky Bitton Line Ltd and its subsidiaries companies, Jacky Line Logistics Ltd, and any entity in Jacky Line Group hereinafter refer to as “JKL”, offers portal (hereinafter “platform”) to request non-binding quotes, to book Jacky Line services, track shipments and further services as simple as possible by using the functions provided in the Platform (all together “Functions”).

These terms shall apply in relation to your use of the Platform and its Functions.


By accepting these General Terms & Conditions, you accept to apply all the following terms, conditions, and clauses written hereinafter and agree that any violation of those would free Jacky Bitton Line Ltd and its subsidiaries companies, Jacky Line Logistics Ltd, and any entity in Jacky Line Group (JKL) from any obligation as service provider. Moreover, if the violation is unlawful, JKL will be free to file claims and cooperate with the legal authorities as much as needed.


The Services made available by JKL and any third party entity via the Platform can only be used by Customers who have first read these General Terms & Conditions and accepted them unconditionally by clicking on the appropriate box provided for the purpose. It is not possible to proceed with the booking process without this acceptance.


  1. The quotes generated in the Platform are not binding and do not constitute a contract about for JKL (hereinafter “Services”). The conclusion of a contract about for Services requires the acceptance of a binding offer by the respective JKL, which you can submit by selecting and booking a service in the Tool. The Services are subject to the respective Terms and Conditions (Terms of Use) of JKL which will be accepted separately by you in the booking process.

  2. Full Terms and Conditions of JKL can be found upon request from any of company’s sales representative and will be send by e-mail only.

  3. You shall use the Platform only for the JKL related purposes set out in §1. You are not allowed to (a) modify, interfere with, disable any features, functionality or security controls of the Platform and its functions; (b) defeat, avoid, bypass, remove, deactivate or otherwise circumvent any protection mechanisms of the Platform and its functions, or (c) reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or derive source code, underlying ideas, algorithms, structure or organizational form of the Platform and its functions.

  4. You accept that JKL is free to modify the Functions of the Platform or replace it with another IT solution at its sole discretion at any time.

  5. By signing to the Platform and using its Functions, pressing “Search Quote”, “Approve & Book Now”, “Preserve This quote” or “Preserve & Comment” in the platform, you are to accept that you as company accepts all Terms of Use provided in this document, all subjected laws, acts, rules and regulations of carrier, shipping line, airliner, trucker, agent, any handler, subcontractor, any private entity dealing with the cargo, seaports, airports, land border crossings and states en route of cargo from point of origin, country en route to destination point, all of them and each but not limited to and not less of JKL Terms of Use filed at JKL offices (see §2), you accept it from your own free will and provide evidence of consent to do so and will be subjected to any fine and punishment that might be enforced by any entity related to the supply chain.

  6. Accessing the platform, you accept that you take all necessary steps to ensure that you do not transmit or receive any computer viruses, worms or other programs whatsoever that may or are intended to damage, interfere with, intercept or expropriate any system, data or information whatsoever of JKL.

  7. You shall ensure that all information which you provide to JKL via the Platform is complete, correct and accurate. You will be solely responsible for any damage or consequence that may arise from the use of false or incorrect or incomplete information that provided by your side.

  8. JKL will collect, store and process the data provided by you in the Platform as required for the provision of the services. The Platform contain links to other independent third-party websites (“Linked Sites”). The Platform is stored by independent third-party web site by Fast Technologies. As such, the Platform is not under JKL’s control and JKL is not responsible for and does not endorse the content of Fast Technologies Ltd, including any information or materials contained in such Fast Technologies Ltd. Any additional information about Fast Technologies’ User Agreement and Privacy Policy, please see Fast Technologies website.
    All data mentioned above meets the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) 2016/679 of the EU and Israel‘s telecommunication law (1982) section §40 requirements.

  9. These Terms of Use shall be governed by the Israeli law.

  10. According to sections five (§5) and nine (§9), any use of JKL online Platform or using any of JKL services, you personally and the company ordering JKL services agree not to use these services to transport or smuggle any material or equipment against the Counter Terrorism Law of Israel (2016), againstsection §218 of Israel’s Criminal Code (1977), against any law of the State of Israel, against country of origin, against country of destination, any en route county, rules and laws of international territories and any other kind of direct or indirect acts causing danger to public safety or the safety of the State of Israel. JKL would not carry any judicial or criminal responsibly to such acts. The wrong doers will carry full responsibility for any of those acts and will compensate JKL for any harm, financial loss and any other kind of damage. Such acts will cancel any ongoing and pending deals, offers, services or any kind of connections between the wrong doers and JKL.

  11. The services and the information in the Platform and JKL services at all are provided on an "as is" basis.

  12. All offered services by JKL are bona fide. To avoid any inconveniences, once you place the booking please provide all necessary and relevant information as required by laws and regulations by all involved countries and involved private parties and any additional information might help us to give you the best and right service. Any failure to meet requirements and provide any correct and relevant details would cause extra charges or complete cancellation of the deal. Also, in case of changing down weights or volumes, JKL charging price will remain as quoted originally.

  13. In case of vessel or aircraft refusal to load cargo due to miss of cut off time, or any no show of cargo, booking cancellation, JKL will charge full price as quoted originally plus any additional charges might be charge by any third-party in the supply chain.
    Any change for higher weight, volume or size measurements than noted in original request, JKL preserve the right to change progressively and relatively the original quotation. Any additional fine or punishment charged by any third-party of the supply chain will be charged from you and by any mean would not be grounded upon JKL and under no circumstances JKL shall be liable for any such loss.

  14. Under no circumstances JKL shall be liable for any damage (total loss or partly) caused to the cargo itself and or its package, lost, missed or abducted at any point en route of delivery made by human, nature or force major.

  15. JKL quotes are subject to and not limited to: (a) Free on truck (b) Stackable (c) Wooden seaworthy cased & packed on shipper account, risk and responsibility (overseas agent cannot check if stackable or seaworthy packed or others and any extra charges or delays on shipper or consignee risk, account and responsibility) (d) forkliftable (e) not exceeding standard sizes of euro pallet or ISO pallet and max height of 220 cm (f) cargo harmless (g) not valid for ventilated cargo (h) max 1 ton per pallet (i) not including courier (j) not including euro 1 and not including C.O.O. of all kinds (k) max 1 hour free waiting time for live loading pick up (l) not including tail lift truck.

      Not including the following kinds of materials:

  • Alcohol

  • Ammunition

  • Animals

  • Antiques

  • Art

  • Asbestos

  • Batteries

  • Biodegrades 

  • Carcinogens

  • CD

  • Chargers

  • Coal

  • Coins

  • Controlled Temperature

  • Corpses

  • Dangerous Goods*

  • Drugs

  • Duty Free

  • Exhaling Gases

  • Exhaling Liquids

  • Fake Jewelry

  • Fragile

  • Garlic

  • Glass

  • Gold

  • Human Remains

  • Jewelry

  • Jewels

  • Leathers (All kinds)

  • Liquids and bulks

  • Lithium

  • Magnets

  • Mercury (Quicksilver)

  • Military equipment

  • Oily

  • Onion

  • Perishables

  • Personal parcels

  • Plants

  • Precious Metals

  • Precious Stones

  • Reefer Goods

  • Scarps (All kinds)

  • Silver

  • Smelly

  • Tobacco

  • Valuables

  • Waste (All kinds)

  • Weaponry

  • Wine

* Any material classified as hazardous by one or more of the following: United Nations Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, ICAO’s Technical Instructions, IATA’s Dangerous Goods Regulations and the IMO’s International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

Not including any material or substances contradicting or violating §5 and or §10 of this document.

  1. Cargo must be properly with all marks, numbers, proper labels, and stickers according to valid rules and regulations at loading port, transshipment port and destination port.

  2. Valid for pick up on box normal standard truck & consolidation truck on regular standard working hours on working days at origin pick up and subject overseas agent get from shipper e-mail pre alert and prenotice booking as per overseas agent rules & regulations.

  3. Shipper’s or consignee’s risk and account to check and verify all overseas agent rules & regulation for pick up.

  4. Not include and not valid for multi stop service.

  5. All offers validity are as shown next to price and up to 30 days from this JKL quote date.

  6. Not valid on holiday's period as summer holidays, Jewish holidays, Christmas time, Chinese holidays and any other holidays.

  7. All offers are based on and valid for one single shipper, one single shipper invoice and one single bill of lading to one single consignee.

  8. Not valid for fix pick up day and or fix arrival day, not valid for urgent cargo and or exhibition cargo and or any cargo with deadline of shipping day and or arrival date.

  9. This offer is not valid for any cargo require letter of credit.

  10. This offer not include inspection all kinds.

  11. JKL quotations do not include any other expenses that might be charged at origin or destination as custom clearance, certificates, permits, licenses and by any other authorities.

  12. This offer does not includes export custom clearance at origin unless stipulated in written otherwise (at any case if and when our offer stipulate in writing that we include export custom clearance at origin then this offer is based on max one (1) h.s code per whole shipment max one (1) bl and maximum one (1) shipper invoice & and not include custom clearance at destination and not includes export license all kind / all necessary docs and or certificates or permits for clearance in Israel all are on shipper & consignee account & risk / our offer not include fumigation, if needed this will be on shipper & consignee account & risk.

  13. This offer subject to terms & conditions & clauses printed on the back of bill of lading which carry the goods

  14. Free on Board (F.O.B.) subject to shipper responsibly and risk to deliver to CFS\CY\port and arrive at time to cut off time of the vessel or aircraft as per rules and regulation determine by agent at origin point.

  15. Subject space & equipment availability.

  16. Subject to weather conditions.

  17. Schedules and rotation are subject to shipping lines, airlines and any other subcontractors’, at any case, agent at origin or JKL are not responsible for these schedules and rotations.

  18. Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) & Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) are on shipping lines, airlines and any other subcontractors’ responsibilities only with or without notice, at any case, agent at origin or JKL are not responsible for these timelines and schedules.

  19. Subject terms, conditions and clauses on the back of the bill of lading which cargo being carried and or JKL terms, condition and clauses which ever better for JKL case by case (JKL will choose the better combination case by case).

  20. JKL services and quotes are not including any kind of insurance.

  21. Except as expressly set out in these Terms of use, all the information contained on this Website is provided without any warranty, or implied term of any kind, including but not limited to any implied warranties or implied terms of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement. All such implied terms and warranties are excluded. By accessing this Website, the Customer agrees that JKL will not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss arising from the use of the Website, any delay or inability to use the Website, or from the Customer's use of links from the Website. The exclusions and limitations contained in this Article apply only to the extent permitted by law.

  22. JKL may revise these Terms of Use at any time. All future changes effective immediately from publication moment.


Effective from: 26 August 2019




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